About the CMRD team

The CMRD brings together two sets of people supporting its functions and sustainability. Foremost is the CMRD body, which is a cluster of researchers having academic and practitioner backgrounds from a collection of areas which include economics, sociology, demography, geography, migration, population studies, governance, gender, environment, urban development, conflict, livelihoods, displacement, relocation, resettlement, aid, development policy, finance, and statistics.

Second is the management team who are responsible for the day to day operations and general administration of the centre. They are tasked with consulting the advisory board for medium and long term strategic planning and other matters concerning guidance of CMRD. A set of research collaborators have offered support in specialized areas. The website for the CMRD was created by W A K Sanjeewa and managed by Abdhullah Azam. Annual audits are conducted by the Chartered Accountants Amarasekera & Company and Secretarial services for the centre is provided by Corporate Affairs (Pvt) Ltd ensuring it complies with relevant statutory and other requirements.