The CMRD Blog is a platform for quickly presenting findings and observations from research that had been recently conducted. They are presented as knowledge promoting evidence-based summaries of a study or an interesting or unique aspect of it for wider audiences, such as academics, policy designers, programme officers, students etc. Written pieces are contributed by scholars who had been involved with the research process which are then reviewed and approved by the CMRD management.

A listing of CMRD blogs is given below.

  1. Mapping memory and migration: video documentary and spatial narratives.
    Shashini Gamage - 28.01.2020
  2. Disruption to livelihoods: Living with major power outages in Sri Lanka.
    Abdhullah Azam - 14.04.2022
  3. Fuel Crisis: A double burden for low-income residents in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Mohideen M. Alikhan and Sakeena Alikhan - 24.07.2022
  4. The Daily Struggle for Water: The Story of Sarnia Estate, Badulla.
    Piumi Ravindra - 22.06.2023