CMRD Videos

The CMRD Videos is a platform for quickly presenting findings and observations from research that had been recently conducted. They are presented as knowledge promoting evidence-based summaries of a study or an interesting or unique aspect of it for wider audiences, such as academics, policy designers, programme officers, students etc. Written pieces are contributed by scholars who had been involved with the research process which are then reviewed and approved by the CMRD management.

A listing of CMRD Videos is given below.

  1. Migrant Life History

    Videos of hand drawings were used to create distinctive illustration type life-stories of mobility. People were allowed to reflect on their spatial history and narrate their journey as they drew their movements.

  2. Addressing the 24-hour cycle of urban risk: Gendered perspectives on non-conflict violence and climate change impacts in cities.

    The pilot project is conducted in partnership with the University of Nottingham. The study examines how non-conflict violence and climate change risks overlap and compound vulnerability in low-income communities and how the experiences and perceptions of such risks vary with gender across contexts in the city. The research is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).