Who we are

The Center for Migration Research and Development is a non profit company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka (reg. no: GA2648). The three members who founded the body, discussed the concept in 2010 and commenced implementing it in 2011. There were a number of drivers motivating them to formulate a research entity, key among them being the diversity of their experiences, the variety of skill sets, the assorted projects they worked on, and most valuable of all, their passion for the subject of migration, in all of its multiplicities. A moot point was also the rich network of local and international contacts they possessed and the wish to do cutting edge migration research while promoting international standards of empirical methods among the growing pool of academics and practitioners interested in the topic in the country. In this light the Centre allows individuals to come participate in research in the migration realms covering labour migration, trafficking, human smuggling, statelessness, disasters, displacement, refugees, diaspora, resettlement and recovery. Its purpose is to build knowledge and understanding of the interaction between migration and development, especially in the context of Sri Lanka.