CMRD Working Papers 

CMRD Working Papers

The CMRD Working Papers encourages the exchange of ideas that are in development. The series is designed to showcase findings of research studies that are in progress or recently completed. It makes new academic explorations publicly available prior to their publication in academic journals and books. Authorship is usually collective, but the principal writers are named. The papers are generally available in English language with some in Sinhala or Tamil languages.

The series focuses on migration scholarship in all subject areas. The approach is interdisciplinary and members of CMRD, collaborators and visitors are encouraged to submit papers. The Editor-in-Chief and the Advisory Board manages the papers fit within the institutions remit. All the papers follow a process of blind review by one or two subject experts, revisions, copy editing, formatting and design before publication. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.

A listing of CMRD Working Papers is below.

Finding 'Reasons to Stay' amidst Issues of Well-being: A Case Study of Two Undeserved Communities in Colombo

By: Iresha M. Lakshman, Mohideen M. Alikhan and Abdhullah Azam

Reasons to StayThe paper analysed data obtained through 30 in-depth interviews with residents in two underserved communities in Sri Lanka using the well-being model presented by Pouw and McGregor (2014). The three dimensions of well-being, namely 1) material, 2) relational, and 3) subjective, were analysed by looking at 1) housing quality, quality of physical environment, employment, and educational opportunities and cost of living; 2) nature and use of social relations; and 3) external perceptions of the community and its impact on the emotions of residents.

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